Cornu Nedeii Ciungii Bălăsinei


The reserve is situated in Borsa locality and it has a surface of 800 ha.

Natural reserve, fourth IUCN category

The fauna reserve Cornu Nedeii Ciungii Bălăsinei has as the main purpose the protection of the Black Grous - Lyrurus tetrixpopulations.


It has been established in 1971 and it is administrated by Maramures Mountains Nature Park.

The mountain height of the reserve is represented by a varied geological substratum (crystalline, sedimentary and volcanic rocks) with exocarstic sectors: sinkholes, karst springs (“Fantana Stanchii” zone), limestones abruptements (Cearcanul, “Stana Sasului”, “Podul Cearcanului”), glacial buckets (the northern side of the Jupania Peck).

The hydrographical network is represented by the three hydrographical basins: Tisa, Somes, Prut with the following rivers: Tasla, Balasana, Sesuri, Valcanescu, Hasmar. The reserves vegetation is formed by mountain planes (60%), coniferous and juniper tree forests (40%) – Jupania (the most extended from the Carpathians Mountains), Cornul Nedeii and Cearcanul Mestecanis. The juniper tree forests make the habitat for the Black Grous. The fauna is represented by Capercaillie - Tetraourogallus and Black Grous - Lyrurus tetrix.