The Maramureş Mountains Nature Park is situated in the north part of the Maramureş County, near the localities Borşa, Moisei, Vişeu de Sus, Vişeu de Jos, Leordina, Ruscova, Repedea, Poienile de sub Munte, Petrova and Bistra, including the Maramureş Mountains Massif up to the Romanian-Ukrainian border. 
      The park also includes the land within the boundaries of the localities it covers. 
      The Maramureş Mountains are situated on the northern border of the country between the 47°35'5'" and 47°58'20" north latitude parallels and between the 24°8'12" and 25°2'38" west longitude meridians. They lay towards the north of the Vişeu and Bistra Aurie Valleys on a length of over 100 km, having a total surface of around 1500 square kilometers. They are included in the Carpathian Province, the South-East Carpathian Sub-province, Eastern Carpathian Region, the Cristalino-Sedimentan Mountains Sub-region and the Maramureş Mountains District.Boundaries The boundaries were set up and endorsed by the Governmental Decision no. 2151/2004. The Maramureş Mountains Nature Park includes forestry lands, grass lands and other types of land for different uses on the territory of the Maramureş County, respectively in Ocoalele Silvice Borşa, Vişeu, Ruscova and Poienile de Sub Munte. Therefore, the references below provide for forestry marks, production facilities and plots of land of these forest ranges, as well as other elements referring to the geographical structure and infrastructure of the region. 
      The north boundary is given by Culmea Jupaniei, passes through the Ciungii Balasanii peaks (1800 m), Jupania (1850 m), following the boundary of the Vişeu Forest Range up to the state border with Ukrain, the north boundary is set at the state border passing through the Ignăteasca, Comanu, Budescu Mare, Stogu, Holovaciu, Pop Ivan, Poloninca and Muncelu peaks, going downstream along the Nariţa river to the locality of Valea Vişeului. From there the nature park boundary is the Tisa River to the 284 forest mark. 
      The east boundary goes upstream along the S,esuri river up to the Măgura gate and along the Banarii Valley down to Sălhoi (forest range), including the Stâncariile Sălhoi Reservation and the botanical micro-reservation of Cochlearia pyrenaeica var. borzaeana; then it goes up to the Sălhoi peak (forest mark 107), through the forest marks 102 and 149 and down to the forest mark 196 from Izvorul Ursului, it continues to the forestry road up to the forest mark 237. From there it goes up on the edge to the Sărata Peak at the forest mark 236. 
       The south boundary is given by the Viseu Valley covering the localities of Valea Vişeului, Bistra, Petrova, Leordina, Vişeu de Jos, Vişeu de Sus, Moisei and Borşa up to the Prislop gate (1416 m), from there on the national road 18 to the şesuri, the forest mark 162 (Production Facility VII Izvoarele Bistriţei). 
      The west boundary starts from the forest mark 284 (Production Facility I Bistra) on the left border of the Tisa Valley at about 2,3 km from the center of the Lunca la Tisa locality, going south it passes through the Tocarnea peak including the Vişeu Gorge between the localities of Bistra and Valea Vişeului.