Tomnatec-Sehleanu Narcissus Meadow


This reserve is situated in Repedea locality and it has a surface of 100 ha.

Natural reserve, third IUCN category

The main purpose of this protected area is to conserve the Narcissus station located at the highest altitude from the county.


Its statute has been purposed in 1994 as a floral and landscape reserve (a plane with Narcissus) and its administration is made by Maramures Mountains Nature Park Administration because it is a special zone of conservation.

he Sehleanu Meadow is situated in the south part of the Tomnatec Peck, which has 1618 m high, and from beneath it starts the homonym valley. The area’s vegetation is typical for the alpine desert; there is a compact Narcissus station - Narcius radiiflorus in association with Gentian - Gentiana clusii and Snowbell - Soldanella hungarica.

The representative fauna is composed by: Brown Bear - Ursus arctos, Raven - Corvus corax, Carpathian Stag – Cervus elaphus and Wild Boar – Sus scrofa.