The Maramureş Mountains Nature Park is situated in the north part of the Maramureş County, near the localities Borşa, Moisei, Vişeu de Sus, Vişeu de Jos, Leordina, Ruscova, Repedea, Poienile de sub Munte, Petrova and Bistra, including the Maramureş Mountains Massif up to the Romanian-Ukrainian border. 

       The park also includes the land within the boundaries of the localities it covers. 

       The Maramureş Mountains are situated on the northern border of the country between the 47°35'5'" and 47°58'20" north latitude parallels and between the 24°8'12" and 25°2'38" west longitude meridians. They lay towards the north of the Vişeu and Bistra Aurie Valleys on a length of over 100 km, having a total surface of around 1500 square kilometers. They are included in the Carpathian Province, the South-East Carpathian Sub-province, Eastern Carpathian Region, the Cristalino-Sedimentan Mountains Sub-region and the Maramureş Mountains District.